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Dear Yuletide Author,

first of all, thank you so much for agreeing to write a story for me! I'm already squeeing, so I hope this letter helps you with your choices.

As for my wishes, I adore holiday fic as much as lighter fic, especially as seeing it is for the holidays, so fluffy fic would be wonderful. (Yes, I am a sap around Christmas. Plus, it's been a stressful time lately, so relaxing would be lovely.) If you feel rather like writing something more angsty, that is fine as well, if I do get a happy ending.

Dislikes include character-death, break-ups, genderbend, and mpreg.

I am a sucker for romance, but seeing that my requests would mean you writing slash, I am also fine with friendship stories, if that is more your cup of tea. <3 I also quite like h/c. I will read any rating, so don't worry about that. If you want to write explicit sex I am good with anything as long as it don't describes a master/ slave relationship (Which is something that just does not work for me.). I like fun, realistic sex scenes, and yes, partners are welcome to switch and not be exclusively either dom or sub. Don't get me wrong, I am not specifically requesting explicit scenes.

1. Wallander (UK)

Characters: Wallander, Martinsson

The perfect story would be a slashy, h/c case fic. I would love this to be either set in winter or around Christmas as well.

Yes, even here I would adore a holiday themed fic. Or at least set in winter, with the landscape beautiful but somewhat bleak and delightfully scary. I would love to read Wallander/ Martinsson. Given their history and character, this probably won't be an established relationship in the common sense, but I would love them being close or discovering how much they indeed care about each other. There are way too few stories like that around, IMHO. As mentioned before, if that is not your thing, I will happily take a friendship story, in which case h/c would be most welcome. Or a case fic, that would be perfect as well. I love the setting of the show, the way it is shot, the moody landscape, the gruesome cases. So maybe they could be on a case, doing work outside Ystad or maybe being on the lookout in a car, sharing a close space like that, I would love to read how that would work out. Despite Wallander's grumblings, maybe they could offer bits of personal information, thoughts, insights. I don't mind if you don't write in synch with the books, as my request is for the TV series. You could easily make up their personal histories or memories they might tell each other.

If you go for h/c, this could easily happen during a case as well. There could be a brawl, or maybe the perp has a gun or knife. I do prefer no grave wounds and no permanent damage though.

2. Hollow Crown

Characters: Henry V, Poins

Shenanigans, companionship, maybe the exchange of tokens of either friendship or love? I would love to read about either or all.

Seeing this pop up on the fandom list filled with glee. So I wasn't the only one enamoured by these two! I loved their shenanigans, and would love to read more about their adventures. Wintery fic would be lovely, again. Otherwise, anything with them in it will probably make me happy, so I really don't have anymore notes on this one.

3. Sherlock (TV) RPF

Characters: Benedict, Martin

I would love a slashy Christmas story. Anything set in Winter, really.

Oh, these two. I love the behind the scenes pictures, the ease, the admiration they have for each other. If you write this, please make a holiday fic out of it. I would love presents, or small tokens of affection, a cold setting that would allow them to bundle up/ cuddle up/ warm up in front of a fire. I don't have any specific wish for a time setting, so it can be during shooting or not. Again, I will read any rating you wish to write, and again, I would prefer something lighter in mood. I can actually see these two get into the holiday spirit pretty easily, so maybe you can too. I would adore some wooing, but it is entirely up to you how far you want to take it.

In conclusion, I hope you will have fun with it! If you want to have a peak at what I have written, you can find a selection of my stories here on LJ or here on AO3.

So yes, I hope this helps. I am looking forward to your story! Very much so! Again, thank you for writing for me!
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