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Dear Yuletide Writer!

Thank you so so much for doing this and participation and offering at least one of my requested fandoms! This in itself is very lovely already! It's the first time I'm participating and I'm very very excited already! So first of all: thank you for doing this!

In case you want to know a little more about my likes and dislikes, here we go!

Dislikes: I'm sorry to say that there are several things which I would prefer to not see in my Yuletide fic: death!fic, non-con, mpreg, and genderbending. Those things just don't work for me.

What I like: slash (as you may have gathered from my requests) but if that's not your thing, friendship stories are lovely as well! I love the characters for how they interact, so anything would be fine, really! I like h/c and fluff if it's not too sugary, I love comfortable stories, and stories where the relationship reads real. I do love winter/ Christmassy tales, but no stress really. I think I will be fine and will love whatever you decide to write, because yay!

Here are my requests in detail!

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Guildenstern/Rosencrantz
I wrote: Movieverse would be lovely. Either something playful or comforting, but slash would be very welcome. and I think the stress here is on playful or comforting, and not so much on the slash. If it's your thing, awesome! I'd really love to see them banter or have some quiet minutes or share some nice non-angsty talk.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005), Gay Perry/Harry Lockhart
Oh, my, I didn't go much into detail here, I just wrote A slashy Christmas story would be perfect! I also quite enjoy case fics. Which is quite true! I just wanted to let you as much room as possible. I love case fics. Anything from action to undercover to Perry saving Harry or Harry saving Perry. All is welcome with these two, really. If there is in character banter, I will love it right away. So if you don't want to write something Christmas related or are not big on the slash, a case story would make me very happy. As for the Christmas part, that can go as sappy or unsappy as you like.

Lie to Me, Cal Lightman/Gillian Foster
Anything upbeat or cheery would be lovely. I love these two a lot, and I love to catch glimpses of either their shared past or their knowledge of each other. I love how they look out for each other in their own way. If anything remotely like that is in my story, I will be a very happy bunny indeed!

Arthur Conan Doyle - Sherlock Holmes series, John H Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Last but not least: Sherlock Holmes. Anything "Married old couple" would be nice, especially when set in winter. I'm such a sucker for setting with these two. Ah, Victorian London! Especially, London in winter, with the snow and the slush and the cold coming in from the Thames and sneaking through the streets. Coming home to a bright fire and maybe season cheer? If not season cheer, than certainly a brandy in good company. With Holmes and Watson I really do love both: the slash and the companionship.

That's about it! I'm certain that whatever you will write will be great and I'm very much looking forward to it! Thank you so so much! <3


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