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Birthdate:Aug 4

30something. Writer. Fangirl. Moviegeek.

PEOPLE Robert Downey Jr. Jude Law. Chris Kane. Paul Bettany. Russell Crowe. Eddie Cahill. Kevin Spacey. Hugh Jackman. Tim Roth. Jensen Ackles. Jared Padalecki. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Ewan McGregor. Steve Carlson. David Boreanaz. Zachary Quinto. Adrian Pasdar. Ed Norton. Stephen Fry. Gary Oldman. Derren Brown. Eddie Izzard. BOOKS House of Leaves. Wonder Boys. Fragile Things. American Gods. Heart-Shaped Box. Green Grass, Running Water. Sherlock Holmes. MOVIES Master & Commander. Day After Tomorrow. Inception. K-Pax. Matrix. Donnie Darko. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Signs. French Kiss. Howl's Moving Castle. Lilo and Stitch. Gladiator. Lord of the Rings. Iron Man. Wonder Boys. TV Supernatural. Leverage. Bones. The Mentalist. Angel. Lie to Me. CSI:NY. Mysterious Ways. Sentinel. Glory Days. MUSIC Adam Lambert. Jack Johnson. Rob Thomas. Of Montreal. Kane. Great Big Sea. Brahms. Bach. David Bowie. Mark Lanegan. Steve Carlson. Juan Zelada. Jason Mraz. Folk. Country. Rock'n Roll. Cello Concertos. LOVE Friends. Writing. Sun. Reading. Caffeine. Poetry. Playing guitar. Banana ice cream. The Ocean. Clouds. Fandom. Slash. Dandelions. Christmas. Snow. Tigers.

This LJ is mostly friends only.

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