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Okay, just so you know what's happening, and yes, it is really really weird to fucking blog when there's a FIRE somewhere near, but the fire fighters told me to get back into my apartment and close the door and stay in so I don't think I will burn to death. Unless those are demon fire fighters from hell or something but I don't think so. Jesus fucking Christ, this is like one of my childhood fears and I'm in here and and and.

I can't see any fire, which I guess is good and there is less smoke then when I called the fire department but STILL OMG.

And there is so much soot! I just ran downstairs and back up again and my nose and hands were COVERED in it.

ETA (4 am): They're packing away their fire hose. I'm still all shaky and dizzy from the smoke but that means the fire is out. RIGHT?

ETA2 (4.25 am): Okay, they left. I still have my window wide open, even though we have -5 C/ 23 F right now. My karma, let me show you it.

Have some pics, because apparently, when a fireman tells me to get back into my apartment and close the door, I lean out of the window and take pics. SOMETHING had to calm me down, right? In my case, it's collecting data and witnessing what's going on. There were no visible flames and I think the fire was in the garden, since I made it all the way downstairs without seeing any accumulation of smoke or soot around one of my neighbours' doors. So somebody probably burned down the trash or the fucking ugly gazebo from the landlord. Shit. My bike was in the garden.

This year just gets crazier and crazier.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I look bloody scared. But this was right when I came back up and grabbed my camera to take a pic from my window. I had the scarf across my mouth so I could breathe, and still all the soot got in my nose.

The smoke is clearing now. The smell stays. I will need to Febreze my whole apartment, me thinks. :/ Well, this really is the lesser of two evils, so I am not complaining. How I am to sleep after this, I don't know.


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